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Unfortunately this basic bank account is no longer available.

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First Trust Bank is part of the Allied Irish Banks (AIB) Group (UK) plc incorporated in Northern Ireland. The registered office is in Belfast. The headquarters of the whole group is in Dublin. It is one of the big banks in Ireland.

They offer a basic current account to over 16s who are UK residents and who do not have any other personal current accounts with other banks or building societies in the UK. All branches (47) are in Northern Ireland so applicants are probably going to be residents in Northern Ireland. A cash card is provided which can be used to manage the account in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. The account is designed as an easy way to look after money whether or not the customer has an adverse credit history. The account is suitable for those claiming state benefits.

What First Trust Bank offers:

  • A basic personal account for those resident in the UK and aimed at those who are resident in Northern Ireland.
  • Offered by a major Northern Ireland bank.
  • Most adverse credit accepted.
  • Visa debit card issued.
  • Cash card and PIN can be used to withdraw available funds from their Banklink machines, certain First Trust Bank euro cash machines in Northern Ireland and AIB cash machines in the Republic of Ireland. If withdrawing Euros, the amount in pounds sterling will be taken at an exchange rate the bank sets.
  • Withdraw cash and check balance at any UK Post Office.
  • Deposit funds (lodge money) into the account at any First Trust Bank Quicklodge facility in their branches or at any of their cash machines which have the facility to lodge money.
  • Pay wages, allowances or benefits directly into the account.
  • Buffer limit facility which allows the customer to go up to (and including) £9.99 overdrawn as long as the account is in credit at the time the withdrawal is made. It is designed to allow the account holder to withdraw all their money. This is not an overdraft and no fees or interest are charged if the account goes overdrawn as a result of using the buffer limit. Any extra amount withdrawn as a result of using the buffer limit will be taken from the next amount deposited into the account.
  • Online and Phoneline banking as standard.
  • Online and free paper statements.
  • Direct Debits.
  • The account provides fee free banking when run responsibly.
  • No cheque book is available.
  • No overdraft facility.
  • Cannot manage account at a branch counter. Only First Trust Bank cash machines with a lodgement facility or Quicklodge can be used to deposit funds.
  • No cash/cheque deposits can be made at UK Post Offices.
  • No Standing Orders (only Direct Debits).
  • No joint accounts allowed.
  • No interest is paid on balances.
  • No CIFAS fraud flags are permitted.
  • No undischarged bankrupts.
  • Must not already have a bank account with another bank or building society in the United Kingdom.
  • Unpaid item fee if there are insufficient funds in the account to cover the payment of  a Direct Debit.

Proof of ID and address is required. The 2 forms of ID must be certified which means they must be checked and approved by a person in a ‘responsible’ job. They give a list of suitable professions.

Some of the fees for this First Trust Bank basic account include:

Sterling bank drafts £10.

Unpaid item fee £35.

Cheques sent for collection or special presentation £12.50.

Copy of statement £10 each.

Unpaid cheque received £6 each.

Making and receiving payments using CHAPS £25 out of account, £2/£6 into account.

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Unfortunately this basic bank account is no longer available.

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