Global Business Prepaid Visa & Mastercard Debit Card Programs

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UK & International Business Prepaid Debit Card Programs

Unfortunately these business prepaid programs are not available at present.

We are now able to offer a UK and International instant issue prepaid debit card program for businesses, corporations and other organisations through our specialist prepaid card business partner. Both Visa and Mastercard prepaid debit cards are available.

These globally available and accepted prepaid cards can be used for a variety of business applications including:

  • payment of wages/salaries to employees (payroll)
  • affiliate payouts
  • fuel payments
  • loan payouts
  • benefit payouts
  • commission payouts
  • dividend payouts
  • travel money cards
  • gift cards
  • incentives/rewards

What this global corporate prepaid card program offers:

  • Prepaid cards issued by large International European based bank that has over 15 million personal and 1 million business/corporate customers. Cards are issued from either Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Poland depending on inventory / distribution schedules.
  • Both Visa and Mastercard brands available.
  • Virtual Prepaid Mastercard program also available.
  • Cards available in USD, EUR or GBP currencies.
  • Anonymous almost unique NO Know Your Customer (KYC) available.
  • High spending limits.
  • No monthly card fees.
  • Minimum of only 500 cards required for a generic prepaid card program (no logo or design on cards), however a company name or general term can be printed on the card. A generic card program can be implemented quickly.
  • Corporations or organisations can have their logo/design on the cards (branding) if required.
  • Minimum of only 1000 cards required for a branded prepaid card program. A branded card program can be implemented in under 6 weeks.
  • Cards accepted globally anywhere Visa / Mastercard is accepted.
  • Competitive fee structure.
  • Earn residual income on all card transactions.
  • Both Magstripe and Pin and Chip card types available.
  • No application form is required from cardholders.
  • No personal documents are required from cardholders.
  • When activating the card only a first and last name is required. The address associated with the card (for online purchases) is the banks address. However, the cardholder can change this so that the address is their own address.
  • Cards can be resold.
  • CV2 code on all cards.
  • Cards valid for 3 years.
  • Direct IBAN loading possible. Each card has their own individual IBAN account number.
  • Online panel provided for cardholder to check their account balance and transactions.
  • Cards can be blocked on cardholder request or if possible fraud is suspected.
  • Low cost set up fees.

If you are interested in this card program for your business or organisation then please take a few minutes to fill in the form below with your business details. Once we receive your completed form, you will be contacted within 24 hours by our business associates at the leading global corporate prepaid solutions consultancy (based here in the UK).

All your details will be kept private and confidential and will not be passed on to any party that is not involved with your request.

Some other programs that have been implemented in recent times include:

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Ad Dynamo prepaid card, Chitter Chatter prepaid card & TMS prepaid card.

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