UK Credit Secrets eBook

UK Credit Secrets eBook

Version 5

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uk credit secrets

Below you will find details of our UK Credit Secrets eBook which will teach you all about the UK credit system.

Contained within the pages of the latest version of our 12,000+ word eBook you will find the following sections:-


What Is Credit & Finance?
The Basics Explained
How Do I Obtain It?
Do I Need It?
Types Of Credit

In Debt?
Facing Facts And Dealing With Creditors
County Court Judgments (CCJs)
Removing Judgments
Why You Should Endeavour To Pay Your Debts

Applying For Credit
What Are Lenders Looking For?
Application Forms
Credit Score
Credit History & Credit File
Credit Reference Agencies
Obtaining Your Credit File
Fixing Genuine Errors

Building Credit Worthiness
Steps You Need To Take
Necessity Of Reporting To The Credit Reference Agencies
Increasing Your Credit Card Limits


Appendix – Useful Tips

1. How To Obtain A Gold Credit Card
2. How To Get Your Annual Credit Card Fee Waived
3. Very Low Interest Rate Loans Using Credit Cards!
4. What You Need To Know If You’re A Woman
5. Leaving Your Bad Credit History Behind
6. Creating A First Class (AAA) Credit Rating With Multiple Bank Loans
– The Truth!
7. Reducing Your Mortgage – Don’t Give The Usurers Any More Money!

The UK credit secrets eBook was previously offered as a free download. The new updated version now comes as a free bonus when you purchase a copy of our:

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