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UK Personal / Business Bank Account & Prepaid Debit Card
Frequently Asked Questions / Terms & Conditions

Q. What ID do I need to provide to open a UK personal / business bank account or apply for a prepaid Mastercard or Visa debit card?

A. Due to money laundering regulations all banks require you to prove your identity and address when opening a UK bank account. Therefore you will need to show 2 forms of identification before your bank account is opened. One has to be proof of identity (e.g. passport) and one has to be proof of address (e.g. utility bill). The types of proofs accepted are fairly universal. The bank you open a bank account with will provide a suitable list of acceptable documents.

If you have been on the electoral register for some time some banks will often take this as proof of identity and will not require further identity checks.

Business bank accounts also require proof of your business such as a letter of incorporation in the case of a limited company.

To receive a UK issued prepaid Visa or Mastercard you will usually need to provide your passport or driving licence number plus they may ask for proof of address such as a utility bill.

Q. Can’t I just open a UK business bank account by myself? Why should I purchase your premium information pack?

A. Yes, you can open the UK business bank account by yourself if you know which account to apply for. However after much research and experience we know which bank to approach, the type of account and debit card they offer and how to apply for it successfully.

Q. How quickly can I open a UK bank account?

A. Most banks these days ask you to fill in an application form even if it is for the most basic of bank accounts. It is just normal procedure. These application forms are then usually sent to a processing centre where any rudimentary checks may be carried out. You should then hear that your bank account has been opened and receive the information pack from the bank in about a week or so.

However, as with all organisations it is impossible to give exact processing times.

Q. What happens if my application is declined?

A. If you apply for the recommended UK business bank account but your application is declined after following our advice then we will refund your payment to us on receipt of the rejection letter from the bank.

We do have a money back guarantee policy on our UK business bank account information service. Any refunds are made at the end of each month.

Q. What do you ( do at your end?

A. After we receive your order and your payment has cleared, we will send you details by email of the password protected part of a website where you can access details of the UK bank that offers the UK business bank account to those with adverse credit. We will tell you how to open the account, whether you should visit a branch (if applicable), apply by
post, phone or apply online, inform you of your nearest branch (if applicable) and give you any other relevant details that you may need.

We are a recommendation service only as are most other intermediaries. For a small fee we supply hard to find and highly researched information about UK business bank accounts which are available to those with a bad credit history who generally cannot obtain banking facilities anywhere else.

We try to open all the accounts offered ourselves to test for authenticity, quality, ease of opening and simplicity of use. We do not offer information about any facility that we consider sub-standard.

We do not supply UK business bank accounts ourselves. We have no official connections with any of the banks, financial institutions or companies that we recommend. It is up to you to actually apply for the relevant UK business bank account. We simply supply the hard to find information about where to obtain the UK business bank account and how to apply for it.

The UK business bank account we recommend is available to the vast majority of individuals/companies, very easy to open and we provide all the information you will require to do so.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. Currently we accept any of the following:-

Credit or debit card using Paypal (with payment links appearing on relevant pages), Cash, Cheque or Postal Order.

You can also deposit or transfer funds directly into our bank account. If you wish to pay for our premium information service in this way then let us know.

If you wish to place an order using Cash, Cheque or Postal Order then please contact us.


Terms & Conditions

I understand that all the information contained in the written material and downloads on this website is used at the reader’s own risk. will not be liable for any consequences of the use of any of this information. Readers understand that all information is presented in good faith and represents to the best of our abilities our efforts to provide accurate and truthful information.

If I wish to purchase the relevant information services then I hereby instruct to provide information about the requested facilities and agree to pay the relevant fees which I understand will be fully returnable in the unlikely event of me being unable to apply for the relevant facilities after following the advice given. We will refund your payment on receipt of the rejection letter from the bank. We have a money back guarantee policy on our UK business bank account information service.

I understand that is a recommendation service only and that it does not offer banking services or debit card facilities of any kind. We simply supply the hard to find information about where to obtain the UK business bank account with debit card and how to apply for it.

All orders are accepted by on the basis that both the FAQ and these terms and conditions have been read, understood and accepted by the individual or other party placing the order.

I understand that the services offered by banks, financial institutions and other financial companies can change at any time without notice, therefore, we reserve the right to offer you, the customer, the nearest alternative UK business bank account information should this arise. These alternative solutions will also be included on our update page, which can be accessed by all those who purchase any of our paid for information.

I understand that has the right to refuse my application, and if this is so, any payment will be returned immediately.

Privacy Statement: Under no circumstances will your name, email address or physical address be lent or sold to any 3rd party.

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