Thank you

Thank you for your order for our UK business bank account and/or new UK credit report/file eBook information.

To protect ourselves against fraudulent transactions all orders must have a valid postal address. Once your order has been confirmed, we shall then contact you with the details of the information/recommendation service(s) that you have requested.

We will send you your details by email of the password protected part of a website where the relevant business bank account details and/or new UK credit report/file eBook information and all future updates can easily be accessed.

Please note that the office is only open during normal working hours, Mon-Fri. Please allow several days for your order to be processed particularly at the weekend.

Thank you.


If you have supplied an email address from a free email service (particularly Hotmail) on the Paypal payment page then please ensure that your junk mail filter is not stopping legitimate emails from reaching you. We will need to send you details by email and we have had a few problems sending emails to such accounts in the past. If in doubt, always check your junk email folder to make sure that useful emails are not being sent directly there.

Also make sure that your inbox is not full as this will also stop mail from being delivered.

If you believe your email account to be unreliable then please contact us with another more reliable alternative.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Customer Services


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